An Unbiased View of dog training chiang mai

TheExpertasia Bully Camp, we providebothindividual and group dog training chiang mai courses.

During our dog trainingclasses, we focus onthe social aspect and obedience.

Dog education

Education is a crucial toolto acquire essentialknowledge andskills.

Do youknow?

Just like everyperson on the planethas different fingerprints, eachdogalso has a distinctsnout.

Every child requiresto betaught togain the necessary knowledge and abilities. Dogsshould alsobeeducated in ordertobe able to integrate well withintheir social group onone hand,and inyourfamily and societyin the second.

The process of educating a dog involves learningto observe it, tofeel it, to be respectful ofit,to knowit.

Totrain a dogyou must show mutual respect.

Dogs have their own language.You can learntocommunicate with dogs throughourknowledgeable and skilledpet experts.

Our dog training courses

For puppiesor an adult petany learning must be donein a progressive manner.

Individual dog training classes

During your first classwe willassess your currentrelationshipand your pet.In this time, an educationalplan will be developed.The dog will thenbeincluded inthe group lessons(maximumthat there are fivedogsonout in the field).

Group lessons

Dogs are socialized byinteraction with other dogs as well asunderstanding their cues through words andbody language.Socialization for pupswill begin in theirlitter.They then progress to interactingwith other dogs,humans and families. Theperiod of socialization ofan animal can last for up to twomonths.This is when weteachsocial skills and positive interactionswithother dogs and humans.

Different games and dog exercisescan be used to improvetherelationship between thedogs and their owners.This way, theyare taught sociability as well asobedience.

Sociability & Games

It will begin withasetof gameswithyour dogin the initialindividual lessons.Then we will build thisinto small-sized groups. Wegive specialattention to yourdogwhen we conduct these lessons. Weoperate in aenvironment that makes them feelat ease, secureandloved. Ourmain goal is to:



Obeyance is the foundation forlife between you andyourdog. It islearned and taughtwith the help of a satisfyingandlovingrelationship with your dog. We rewardhim withfood, toys and attractivegames.Our goal is to ensure his wellbeingand a strong connectionbetween you and him.

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