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The Bay of Plenty is home to some of the moststunningsun, seaandsandNew Zealand has to provide.Tauranga, a hidden gemalongthecoastlineisthe home ofMauao volcano.The locals call it”the Mount”, as ithas water sports forthose who are adventurous, as well asfestivals and mouthwateringfoodoptions forfoodies.

This is a comprehensivelist ofthetopthings to doin Tauranga andthe surrounding Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui is an extinct volcanothat sitsprettyin the harbor betweenTauranga.Mauao is the Maori nameforMount Maunganui. Itis accessibleat dawn to getthe best views.There aremany walking pathsand ittypically takes aroundan hour togo upthrough the pohutukawas.While it’s a climb that’s steep but once you’ve reachedthetop, you’ll be presentedwith360degviewsof the Bay of Plenty coastline and Taurangatowncentre.Mount Maunganui Beach (New Zealand’s mostwell-knownbeach) and Pilot Bay (New Zealand’s best-known beach)flank the mountain, providingbreathtakingpanoramic views from all angles.Havean early breakfast picnic(coffee isa must) andenjoy a tranquilsunrise.

Adventure Water Parks:BeSplendid

{}McLaren FallsTauranga’s Waimarino adventure park is theplacetovisit if you’reseekingexcitement.A 10-minute drivefrom the city’scentrewillbringvisitorsto the Wairoa riverwhere there aremanythings to do.There’ssomething for everyone, includingrock climbing wallsanda slip’nslide.The Tarzan swing andthe watertrampoline areexcellentoptions for themore adventurous.Waimarinoalsooffersnight-timeglowworm kayakexcursionstoLake McLaren, which area tranquil water activity.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Every Kiwi summermustinclude ahiketothewaterfall.The firstisMcLaren Falls Park.This short walkwill take you through native forestsandglowworm caves.Theparkcovers 190hectares. There aremany othertracks, so you cantake yourtime exploring.Next on the agendaistheKaiate Falls which are a30 minutedrivefromTauranga.Follow the forest pathuntilthetop of Kaiate Fallsandthenfollow the cascadesdownuntil youreachthe swimming pool.Enjoy a refreshing swimin thisbeautifullagoon.

Sail A Catamaranto this uninhibited island

Whakatane isjust a shortdriveaway from the coastline.It is thestarting point toan unforgettabletripaboardacatamaran.Set sailtoMoutohora Island off the Bay of Plenty coast.If you’refortunate there, you might spotrare native wildlife likeTuatara and Kakariki penguins.Alternatively, take a snorkelaround the islandto catcha glimpse of the equallybeautifulmarine life.Finish your daybyrelaxing onthehot water on the island’s privatebeach orrelaxing ontheside of the boat–thisisa day in paradise.

The Dream Summer Festival

Are you  reallyanKiwiif you haven’tbeen toatthe very leastone summeratBay Dreams?They know how toput onan event. The January 2019show that sold outsawCardi Btakethe stage,playinghitssuch asBodak Yellow and wowing anelectrifyingcrowd.Peking Duk’sLAB, Katchafire, and Sub Focus were just ahandful of acts thatwere on stageat the NewYears festivalin 2021.Bay Dreams will make Tauranga yoursummer destinationif you arelooking for a hot summerstyle, an amazinglineup,glitter,jeans,and camping.

These Stores Are Local!

Shopping in Tauranga  isall about uncoveringhidden treasuresatindependent stores.Those with a design eyeanda love ofthe Kiwi-made brands must visitthe PaperPlaneconcept storewhere you’ll find awell-curated collectionoflifestyle, fashionandhomewares.Our Place hasan ever-changing selectionof pop-ups, rangingfromart, fashionandjewelry.Our Place’s centre is madeofshipping containers. Itsgoalis tooffer low costretail spaceto local artisansand entrepreneurs.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Youwould liketoenjoyluxury?Themost effectivewaytoindulge inluxury is to havea bohemian-style picnicwith a view ofMauaomountainsas well asthe ocean.Ideal for a special event, birthday celebration or justan evening of fun, Bay Picnics willoutfit youwith teepees,bigfluffy pillows,festoonlights, cosythrowsandBluetooth speakers.There are also a rangeoffood options available that include vegan, vegetarianas well as raw plates.It is possible toadd flowers toyour picnic ifit’sa romantic occasion, such asan engagement that you’ve always wanted to have.

Participatein the Markets

Taurangaserves up something specialwhen it comes tomarket days on weekends.The Little Big Markets are openon Saturdays.Youwill find awide rangeoffood and artisans.There iseverythingfrom French crepestorainbow shaved Icetolocaldelights.Foodiescan’tmissdinnerin Domainwhich features the bestfood truck vendorseveryweek.We are talkingbig paellas and bubble wafflesandsweetdesserts.We’re in awe ofthedelectable treats on offerat Hello Rosie.A connoisseurfor veganjunk food, we’resalivating.The Saturdaymarketis a stunning source ofseasonal produce and wouldenhance any cheese board.

Moturiki Island is Walkable

Yes,you read thatcorrect.You can walk tothissmallisland.Thetiny350-metre-longisland issituated nexttoMount Maunganui’s beach. Itcan be reachedvia a pedestrian bridge.A blowhole islocatedon the islandandshoots water upduringhigh tide.Take the path that faces upwardstotake in the stunningviewsof Mauao and the city’scoast.

UnwindInSalt Water Hot Pools

Avisitto Mount Hot Pools,whereunwinding and relaxationshould be your number onepriority, isan absoluteessential.The salt-water pools that arelocatedagainst Mount Maunganui are well-known for theirtherapeutic benefits.In a bath, theywillleave you feelinglike adifferentperson.If youwould like to indulge inluxury, book fora private spa andthe massageyou’re entitled to.

VisitThis Quaint Historic Village

Explorethe cobbled streetsinThe Historic Village andstep back intothe past.With hiddennooks, cutecafesand eclecticartists, it’s easy to wileaway the dayin this charming village.There are alsoplentyofsmall art studiostovisit,includingTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery which means that the art loveris well taken care of.

Try the delicious local food

Let’sface it, we love food.We’re lucky thatTaurangahas a variety of deliciousdrinks and bitesthat willhave your droolingall day long.

Ground Zero Coffeemustalways beat the top ofthelistof coffeeenthusiasts.It’s the Bay ofPlenty’svery firstSpecialty Coffee Microroastery, servingthe bestflat whitesandIcedcoffee.Ifyou wantsomething sweet,thenyoumight considerYo and Co. The dessert bar offers waffles, as well as savoury and deliciouscrepes.

Health nuts witha sweet toothshouldnotmisstheNourished Eatery.Theplant-based cafebelieves in usinglocal, freshproducts.There is alsotheWellness Bowl, which isstuffedwithherby may browns tomatoes,smokyTofu.There are also specialsweets like Nutella,chocolate brownies that are fudgy and double-chocolate, as well ascustard doughnuts fromTheNourishing Baker.

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