Create Your Perfect Modern Wardrobe with Plywood and Glass Doors

When you’re building your dream home, it can be easy to get so caught up in choosing perfect flooring, lighting, and paint colors that you forget to consider your bedroom furniture as well. But if you don’t have the right bedroom set, it doesn’t matter how stylish and spacious the rest of your house is—you won’t be comfortable or happy living there. To help you create your perfect modern bedroom, we’ve put together this guide on choosing stylish and long-lasting wardrobe options based on three different types of materials.

The Benefits of Having Custom Built Fitted Wardrobes

ALLURE walk-in wardrobes combine the best of modern design with practicality. With custom built fitted wardrobes, you can create a wardrobe that is tailored to your needs. And because ALLURE offers various sizes, shapes, and door options, we are able to build a wardrobe that fits any space perfectly.

Plus, our optional glass doors will allow you to see what’s inside without opening the door. This makes it easier to find your clothes as well as stay organized.

ALLURE walk-in wardrobes are an affordable way to upgrade your space without breaking the bank. With many styles to choose from for all budgets, it’s easy for everyone to have a great looking custom fitted wardrobe!

How to DIY Your Own Modern Fitted Wardrobes

Design your own walk-in wardrobe with plywood and glass doors. Follow these steps to create your perfect modern wardrobe!

If you have the time, start by measuring the space that you want the wardrobe to fit in. Measure out how high you want it to be, how wide you want it to be, and where you would like to place it in the room.

Cut a piece of plywood (or wood) that is slightly larger than the area where the wardrobe will go, leaving enough extra space on all sides for trimming later

Next, use an electric saw to cut out the shape of the wardrobe from the piece of wood. Leave about 1 inch from each side so that you can add trim pieces around it after it’s been painted.

After sanding down any rough edges and painting or staining the plywood, glue or nail trim boards along each edge until they meet flush with one another. Use caulk around all edges if desired. The inside doesn’t need any type of lining because clothes are hung up rather than laying down inside the closet.

The Basics of Building and Installing a Walk in Closet

Installing a walk-in closet is a major project that will require some time and dedication. A lot of people don’t know the basics of how to build or install a closet, so I’ve compiled a list of what you’ll need to know before beginning the project.

Know your measurements – The first step in building your perfect closet is measuring the space you want to use for your walk-in, making sure it’s not too small for your needs. Measure twice, cut once! You’ll want to measure both the length and width of the space, as well as any doors that are already in place.

Choosing the Right Materials for A DIY Closet Project

Durability: The material should be sturdy enough that it can withstand wear and tear.

Ease of installation: The material should have straightforward instructions for easy assembly.

Price point: Think about how much you want to spend. That will determine the type of materials you need. Plywood is a great option if you’re looking for a cost-effective, durable, simple solution. It’s also easy to install so you won’t need any special skills or knowledge.

Plywood DIY closets are versatile too; they can double as pantries, shelves, desks and more!

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