Family law attorneys Service in Barrie

There is a misconception that lawyers in the field of family law Barrie are able to assist in case of divorce or property dispute. But, this isn’t the case.

  Family law lawyers Barrie

A family law lawyer can help you only in major Family Lawyer Barrie problems like divorce, dispute over property, however they will assist in settling other matters in the most amicable manner. Even if it is not your intention going to court over the specific issue, your family law lawyers Barrie will assist you in settling issues outside of the courtroom.

With Owen & Associates Law, we can help you with many family law-related mattersSome of the matters which we can assist with are: We can provide competent legal counsel, and adequate representation both inside and outside of court include –

Barrie, a family law lawyer – What we can offer you:

  1. Separation Agreements
  2. Adoption
  3. Contested Divorce
  4. Uncontested Divorce
  5. Marriage Contracts
  6. Division of Property
  7. Variation Agreements
  1. The Child Support and Custody
  2. Arbitration and Mediation
  3. Application to Court
  4. Appeal
  5. Spousal Support
  6. And much more

If you’re in a precarious situation it is not enough to just need legal counsel, but also support and guidanceWhatever you need we will help you get what is fair. We take great pride in being an expert both inside and outside of the courtroom. We are aware that unlike criminal or civil litigants, in family law matters you are impacted by your emotions in greater detailWhen you’re in this type of situation in which you’re already feeling overwhelmed, we attempt to ease the burden you feel from the legal system.

From helping you break up from your partner, to helping you with the adoption process we will ensure your family is as happy as possible. If you are in a relationship that is toxic, or you require support for yourself, your children or get rid of your property-related problems, we can help you achieve all that and more. If you’re seeking support in legal matters and are looking for someone is trustworthy, then you can schedule your consultation with one of our experienced Barrie Family Lawyer.

Our costs and fees are clearly listed here on the website. We do not believe in making money from your circumstances. We will cost only what is fair to ensure that you are saved from unwanted financial burden.

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