Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist  [series/series/adaptation]: Imma gonna start at the beginning.

When I moved to the US, one of the things that was really intriguing to me was learning about different cultural traditions and sharing my culture. I grew up in Japan but was living with a family who was more Western. I wanted to teach them about their traditions.

It was definitely an opportunity to learn about my culture. I didn’t understand a lot of the customs. I remember thinking, “Is this what America looks like?” Fullmetal Alchemist taught me a lot of my culture. It teaches a lot of aspects of Japanese culture, but it shows us a different way of looking at it. It’s what I would have been taught if I had learned Japanese in America.

There was a lot of negativity toward religion before I became religious myself. You know, because religion wasn’t given the same respect. There was a lot of discrimination against it because a lot of people had something to hide from.

A lot of people want to be good to everyone, and I think people often do that in an inward way. There’s a lot of worrying that you’re going to upset someone. You’re always worried about hurting someone. That was a big part of my development as an artist. I needed to go inward to discover who I was, and to be comfortable in my own skin.

You should read up on Japanese culture, and learn more about the world you live in. If you’re a creative person, learn to respect that.Update: I’ve been contacted by the Alchemist Institute for Fullmetal Alchemist reference. Their disclaimer states, “The Alchemy Institute is a private school which educates individuals seeking a spiritual and creative path. At the Alchemy Institute, students study religion, art, science, philosophy, and culture. Students are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity and develop creative understanding. This course is not affiliated with Fullmetal Alchemist. The Alchemy Institute only sponsors educational programs related to art and religion.



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