How to Grow a Facebook Page to 10,000 Followers

Over the past two years of managing my Facebook profile, I’ve gained around 400,000 followers. I’m primarily a writer. However, I decided to join involved on Facebook to “diversify” my online revenue streams.

Growing a blog can be an excellent method to earn money. There’s a deal with a brand I’m looking into right now that offers $500 to $3000 for a sponsored article.

I’m eligible to make an application since my profile has grown quite big.

I also include ads in my videos, making the most significant portion of my earnings. To enable ads, you’ll need to have 10000 followers and 30,000 hours of watched time.

I could earn $1,000 per month by advertising during a good month. However, I could earn even more if in a different location than the Philippines. Ad CPMs in the Philippines are often relatively low — usually in the $3 to $4 range. The CPMs of ads for America could be as high as four or five times higher. That means if my target audience was Americans instead of Filipinos, I could make anywhere from $4,000-$5,000 each month just from ads click here.

Okay, you can earn money by managing a Facebook page We understand it.

Creating Facebook pages to increase visitors to your blog’s posts is also possible. There’s a chance to win free travel if you’re interested in travel. More than anything, Facebook is an excellent platform for growing your following.

It’s a more effective platform to develop as a producer than Youtube. This may be shocking to some users, but it’s true. Why is that? It’s the share button. In all its wisdom, Youtube isn’t equipped with the share button to show the video in front of your customers.

It’s also a great way to develop as a game creator. Why? Because everyone is on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, and no one cares about Facebook.

It’s their fault. It’s their fault. Facebook has launched a Level Up program that permits streamers to earn money once they reach 100 followers. Just 100.

You might be eligible to become an Associate. That’s the way Facebook will give creators a fee to stream frequently. As I’ve seen, joining as an Associate is not too difficult!

Opportunities are everywhere on the largest social media platform, but it’s often overlooked to be replaced by highly overcrowded platforms such as Youtube or Twitch.

Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s because it’s not very sexy to be a YouTube creator with no YouTube channel. Maybe nobody even knows Facebook is a great video platform.

Yes, it is. It’s been going on for a while since then, and I’m going to demonstrate how you can increase the reach of your Facebook page. Here are a few tips I’ve learned throughout the time.

Invite People to Like Your Page

Let me start with the most effective method first. Did you know that you can invite people on your page to like your page? This is similar to inviting people to join the Youtube channel, but that’s impossible.

You can invite everyone on your friends’ list to join your page. According to my experience, approximately 5 per cent of people on your list will change their Facebook profiles. Go onto your Facebook page, scroll down, look to the right side and then look until the “Invite Friends” box appears.

Never Post Status Updates

Why would you make a simple Status update when you could include a photo in it? It is not a good idea to make only an essential status update. Yes, you could, but you won’t have nearly as many people liking it.

Try posting a picture with all the content you’ve written on Facebook. The algorithm will love it, your fans will love it, and you’ll see many more likes.

Likes, which you then invite to be followers of your page.

Media is played on Facebook. To be successful on Facebook, it is necessary to play video games and the game with pictures.

Make Quote Images

Here’s some content I posted in the last few months that garnered 600 likes. It’s a simple picture based on quotes that I snapped on my desk. It took me approximately 15 minutes to put it together and 15 minutes to write an article.

Simple, right?

These posts could be a great source of fans because they’re simple to digest, straight to the point and also look great.

And, as I stated in the past, You can invite anyone who liked the article to”like” your page.

All you require is a single sheet lined, a sturdy background, and some props, and you’ll be able to create attractive images to share.

Share Viral Videos

You can use the share button to share viral videos or make an arrangement with other creators in which you download their videos and then post them on your site with attribution.

The second choice is better since the algorithm of Facebook prefers videos uploaded directly to your page rather than sharing a video previously uploaded elsewhere.

It’s just. Multimedia performs admirably when it comes to the Facebook algorithm. If you cannot create video content of your own (I’ll come back to it in a moment) and you don’t have the time, share someone who is.

To get started, visit Instagram. Create an account, tell Instagram what content you’re looking for, and begin following tags.


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