How to Use Custom Badge Embedments on Your Website

What Are Custom Badge Embedments? A custom badge embedment (or just embedment) can be used to display badges and other images, such as your LinkedIn profile, on your website or in your emails. Embedments are particularly useful if you have an e-commerce site, since the badge can be used to add value to your brand and drive traffic back to your site.

What are Custom Badge Embedments?

A custom embedments is a widget that lets you add badges, ribbons, and award icons to your website. They are a great way to showcase your successes, build credibility, and make an impression with potential clients.

Custom badge embedments can be used in two ways:

1) As a header or footer element – which will display at the top of every page of your website; or 2) As an element within any web page – which will only appear in the web page where it’s added. It’s important to note that if you want a custom badge embedment as an element within any web page, it must be inserted into the HTML code for that specific web page (not just copied and pasted).

Why use Custom Badge Embedments?

A badge embedment is a type of social media sharing that lets you display posts, articles, and other content to your website. These badges are customizable with text and images, and they can be placed anywhere on your site using the HTML code provided by the company. The best part about badge embedments is that they’re free!

How to use Custom Badge Embedments

Custom badge embedments are a great way to show off your support for a cause, or in some cases, your employment with an organization. They’re also a great way to promote products or services while still maintaining the look and feel of your website. There are many benefits of including them on your site; we’ll walk you through how easy it is to do so. First, let’s choose which custom badge you want to use from the options given on our site. You can also add one of your own if you have one available – instructions will be provided below. After clicking on the desired custom badge embedments, click ‘Add’ and then copy the code shown under ‘Code’. Paste this code onto any page that has HTML capabilities – typically blogs or websites that display text – where you would like it to appear.

An Example of a Custom Badge Embedment

Custom badge embedments are a great way to add a more interactive component to your website. They’re also great for promoting upcoming events. All you need is the embed code for your event, some social media handles, and a link back to your website. Then all you have to do is paste this code into the banner section of your webpage.

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