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 Check a vehicle before you buy:
  •  Hire Purchase
  •  Logbook l
  • oans Any

 pact buy lending such has PCP Definition of a car as soon as outstanding finance 

Use car history check for a car registration check that includes higher than 50 data points. When a vehicle has child support owed adjacent to it via a finance company or further type of lending body, it carries outstanding finance. It is a secured type of lending. If payments are not maintained, the vehicle can be repossessed.

 Common finance types

 There is a range in todays market. Here are the main ones offered in the UK: 
Hire buy (HP) 
  • Personalbargain buy (PCP) 
  • Personal concord hire (PCH)
  •  Lease-Purchase 
When such real agreements are in area next to a vehicle, it is illegal to buy or sell past the debt is paid off, in full. 

Moreassistance virtually each product

 Its worth noting here, Lease purchase and Personal contract employ are two types of finance where the borrower never owns the car. Therefore, leased vehicles are not advertised for sale. If you find a lease-purchase or personal conformity purchased vehicle for sale, later than contacting the lending company or the Police. PCP Personal arrangement purchase is a tiny different.


 allows a demean monthly repayment for a set become old (usually three or four years). considering the taking office is complete, the borrower/driver/registered keeper has the unconventional to pay a conclusive balloon payment and agree to full ownership of the vehicle. Or, they have the right to end a unmovable buy and get a extra PCP deal.

 free HPI check

 Hire buy ends subsequently full ownership of the vehicle. At the lessening of Purchase, the borrower usually pays vis–vis 10% accrual and lends the remainder over a set era of years (one to five). The repayments are far along than a PCP deal, but the car is owned outright at the stop of the fixed agreement. 

Checking a vehicle for outstanding finance 

Buying or selling a vehicle in the manner of an existing finance taking over causes a wide range of problems. Go here to check outstanding finance upon a car. Otherwise, you must concurrence like the finance company owed money, the previous owner who sold you the car and possibly obsession to take aim true advice taking into account Citizens Advice help or a solicitor. It is fast and easily reached to see if the car you want can be purchased safely and legally. CarVeto Platinum check will search and return accurate data for any UK registered vehicle; this includes any outstanding finance check. The counsel we pay for is sourced via Experian and includes a 30,000 finance data guarantee. 

Car finance owing on a used car you want to buy

 Buying a used car privately can keep money, but it as well as comes behind risk compared to buying from a dealer or auction. Check out your Consumer Rights subsequent to buying a car. Typically, like you buy a car privately, you agree to on its problems and are financially liable if anything goes wrong. 
Main things to watch out for include:
  •  Outstanding finance
  •  Write offs 
  • Theft/stolen
  •  Mileage issues
 CarVeto check will flag any of these issues. Your bill will along with highlight:
  •  Import/export
  •  Scrapped/unscrapped
  •  VIC inspections 
  • All number dish changes including plate numbers and dates of transfer 
  • MOT chronicles and deterrent notes
  • askMID Motor Insurance database checks 
  • Registered near data (especially useful as soon as buying privately)
  •  Road tax information 
  • Colour changes 
The relation runs beyond 20 checks gone data points including DVLA, Experian, DVSA, Police Theft Markers, MIB and MIAFTR 

CarVeto best-practice in the same way as buying private

 Here are the steps to staying secure and within the law 
  • Tell the registered keeper you know the car has outstanding finance 
  • Ask the owner how much is outstanding and the type of agreement they have.
  •  With the information contained in your CarVeto report, entre the curious finance company and uphold the amount owing (in most cases, the company will acknowledge an approximate amount -outstanding) and the type of agreement, i.e. hire purchase or Conditional Sale Agreement 
  • Inform the seller you will purchase the car in the same way as the finance is paid in full and you have the agreement letter directly from the finance company 
  • Confirm the finance is paid and accomplish not rely upon the word of the seller. 
  • Obtain a unity letter from the lending company. It is the crucial step that will save you inside the con and skillfully away from real issues alongside the road. It can furthermore prevent loss of the vehicle and keep paid to purchase it.

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