J&T Express Guide to Shipping and Tracking Packages

Theincrease in onlinetransactionssince the lockdown hasled tothe Philippines the market for logistics groweven afterthe pandemic.Joining the logistics industry andrivaling the likes ofLBC Express and JRS Express is anew player inthe logisticsbusiness: J&T Express.

Theservice has alreadyreceived a lot of attention fromtraditional and socialmedia, evenif it was launched inthe Philippinesjust in the year 2018.J&T Express is a well-knownbrand among buyers and sellersonline.You may have placed an order withShopeefrequentlyand received yourpackagesthrough this service of shipping.

J&T Express can provide acourier service that allows you to deliverthings to clients andlovedfamily members.This guide willassist you in understanding j&t rates   as well as the process of deliveryand other important information aboutthe logistics service provider.

Whatexactly isJ&T Express?

J&T Express, an e-commerce express courierfirm, operatesacrossIndonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. It wasestablishedinthe year 2015.This logistics companyin Southeast Asia serves mainlysmall andmedium-sized businesses(SMEs)andonlinebusinesses.They offeronline sellers theoptiontoship packages withJ&T Express boxes, or their own packaging.

J&T Express: How J&T Express Works

As a logisticsprovider, J&T Express works justlike any courier serviceinthe Philippines.Butthe thing that sets it apartfrom other deliveryservicesisits extensive arrayoffeatures that help ensuresecurity, reliability, andtimely deliveries.

J&T Express Delivery Services

  • National coverage, with more than400 J&T Express branches and warehouses
  • All-hours, all-the-day operation throughout the calendarall
  • Four-Service Platforms forTracking and ShippingPackages: J&T Express website and mobileapp, socialmedia [2] and24/7 customer servicehotline (02)0891-1888
  • Security packagepackages can bemonitored by CCTV24 hours a day,
  • The tracking system usesGPS totrackdelivery trucks
  • Real-time tracking system
  • VIP Platform (self-service platform thatlets online sellersmanage transactions, improveJ&T Express delivery processes, andmuch more)
  • Claims system, which provides reimbursementfordamaged or lost packages

J&T Express Shipping Process

There are twoways to send your packageswithJ&T Express.You candropoff your parcelsat a branchordeliver themto yourhome.

Howdo IShipwith J&T ExpressBranch Locations

  1. Fill outthe drop offforms onthe J&T Express Philippines website [3]orthe mobile app.
  2. Click on theBuybutton.
  3. Visitthe J&T Express branch nearest you.
  4. The barcodethat you received atthe drop-off reservation must be displayed.
  5. Send the packages toemployees.
  6. Pay the shipping costs.

Book J&T Express Pickup Service

To arrange for the collectionof yourparcel To book a pickup, go tothe J&T Express website, mobileapplication, 24 hours a day customer servicehotline, or the contactnumber of the nearest branch[44.J&T Express offers a free pickup service.

J&T Express Rates 2021

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcosts based upon distance fromthelocation and the weightof thepackage.You can calculatethecost of shippingyourparticular delivery by usingthe calculatoron theJ&T Express website. [5]

For packages that weigh6kg or less,you mayconsult the table below.

j&t shipping rates  Metro Manila

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcharges based upon thedistance between theorigin anddestination of thepackage andtheweight.The J&T Express Philippines website hasa calculator that will allowyou todeterminethecost of shipping ofyour delivery.It is determined bythe distance betweendestination andoriginof the packageas well asitsweight.

J&T Express Boxes

Ifyou would prefer usingJ&T boxesfor shippingparcels,you can buythese boxes separately from theshippingfees atany branch. jnt rates  arecharged according tothedimensions of the box as well as itscapacity to weight.

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