man loves it – An Overview

Do you want to get him madin bed and addflavor to your sex experience?This is your chance.All youhaveto do ismasterthese hot sex roles thatmen adore.To make sure that their lady loveishappy and satisfiedwith sex, mentend to spend theirtime in bed.Now it is your turntoreciprocate the favor.It is possible to reversethe roles andget your manto join the party.Here are the most covetedrole models that men love because sexisan importantelement of the human experience.They’re not thetypical, boring missionary roles.Find outmore!

1.Top Woman

This is theone. man loves it This position lets youtake the lead and be bossy. men love this position Males love itwhenthe female isdominatingthesex scene.You will be enviousof the womanin the lead.Youdecide the pace accordingto yourdesires, sometimesslow , but sometimes reallyspeedy.Keepthe playeron the edge of his seat.

2.The reversecowgirl’s position

best position for couples  thatmen are drawn tois the reverse cowgirlposition.In thisone, the woman is onthe topand her backis facingtheman.It doesn’t haveanyeye contact, or even a lotof touching and stroking, but the stroking can beenough toget himexcited.Ifyou still wanttoengage in eye contact,you can always justglance around and get a look, this is also enoughtoadd the spice.

3.The standing position

It is possible to perfect this techniqueafter afew tries.Standingis when you are standingwith your hands together and the person comesinto the roomfrom behind.You canmake the mostof your kitchenandtake this approach.Simply bendforward and holdthekitchen’s countertop while he is able to penetrateyour body.


Thisposition permitsplenty of body contact as it’s veryclose.You and your partner needtolie downin a row, side-by-sideand theman can penetrate.You can have the manrest his back on youwhile you facetheman.You can also turnyour backto facethemale sothathe can watchyou as you have sex.

5.Lap Dance

Who doesn’t like sex invarious locations!You can grabon a wooden chair, thenplace your manontop of it.Youcanlook him in the face or not,but this positionwill make your mamaget weak in herknees.You’ll love the abilitytohold him close and bein totalcontrol.This positionoffers the additionalbenefit of allowing you toobserve your partner and perhapskiss him.

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