oktoberfest 2023

oktoberfest 2023

Oktoberfest in Östersund is to take place in 2023 and will be a commemoration of 250 years of the city’s existence.

Östersund is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018.

The city is set to focus its attention on one of its most famous inhabitants, the Danish author and novelist Hans Christian Andersen, who spent a long time living in the city.

A major museum will also be built to commemorate Andersen in the city. The museum will be shaped by a giant tree with the words, “Oktoberfest 2023, with a nod to the very old town square.

An online petition started by the English writer, writer, travel writer and journalist Kim Wilkins is calling for him to be considered for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

“It is only right that he should be commemorated with a Nobel Prize in Literature in the next 25 years to mark his great literary achievements. For that, he deserves our respect. His work has remained timeless and has changed the world and we want to give him his lasting fame,” the petition states.

The Nobel Prize is awarded in Stockholm to the most outstanding artists and scholars.

Over the course of the year, you can see other cities in Sweden celebrating their anniversaries. Some are as obscure as Ånge in Norrbotten County, but one of the most celebrated events of all is the festival in Århus, which is marking its 400th anniversary this year. The anniversary has been described as “the biggest event that has ever been organised in Århus.”

So far the city has been celebrating the festival for 23 years, and it’s expected to continue for another five years.


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