Penny Longstreet was a sister of Mary Jane from the show A Few Good Men. She was played by Maureen Beattie. She was an advisor to the Judge Banks character played by Jack Nicholson.

Penny was hired to guide Jack Banks on how to run the prison and became a confidante to the young lawyer who was hoping to win a new trial. Penny noticed that the jury in the case thought of Jack as a hardened criminal who deserved the death penalty. When Jack got into an altercation with the guards she advised him on how to win them over and also encouraged him to play the part of a young tough.
Although Jack did not win the case Penny was there at the end cheering for him. She also told him that he could join the police force if he chose to.
In the ending scene she was standing over Penny, who was bleeding out on the floor in the bathroom.
Penny lived a short life, she died in 2003, aged 89, after a prolonged illness.
You can read her obituary here.
Penny was also played by Kathy Clark in the movie.
Penny was the other sister who helped make the prison an institution. You will read more about her in my post from back in 2008.
Watch the 2001 movie A Few Good Men
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Penny and the drug bust
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