Six of the most desirable sex positions available to gay males who like to be at the top of their game.

Queer people can begin to enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable sexual life by deciding to be on top or bottom.

Sometimes, however, you might feel the need to think of creative ways to spice up your sex lifestyle if are a top or someone who enjoys being more involved in sex.

Here are some gay positions for gay tops that could make it easier to take the guesswork out of the night.

1. Missionary

Missionary allows you to eye contact, kiss your lover, and even take a bite or two while you top them.

Your partner is placed on their backs and place them on their backs and push them up. This allows for deep penetration. This makes it much easier to discuss during sex what is comfortable.

2. Doggie style

Doggie fashion is a fantastic opportunity for your dog to be the best. Similar to the title suggests that your partner sits on all fours as you penetrate them by stepping behind them.

Reach out to assist them in their work for extra pleasure.

3. Spooning

Spooning is a close-knit position in which you are able to snuggle your companion as you work their skin. As you penetrate their backsides, you can turn your partner’s head away like a doggie.

When they are having sex, the two people lie on their backs, as in non-sexual spooning.

4. Cowboy and reverse cowboy

Positions of the rider allow you to top while giving your rider more control. Your partner can lower themselves onto you and ride while you rest on your back.

Cowboy allows you to have a sexy eye contact when you are riding in reverse.

5. Fisting

Sometimes sexual sex is as simple as the use of your hands in stimulating your partner’s G-spot or P-spot without the requirement for a strap-on or penis.

Fisting uses your entire hand to penetrate your partner’s skin with a slow start and many lubes to slide in and out.

6. Rusty trombone

Sometimes, topping doesn’t need to involve any sort of penetration.

To play the rusty trombone gay positions  the person you are with knees on all fours as you do analingus, and then perform a hand-job.|Your partner and you will engage in analingus, while you do your hand job.} This position of sex creates an euphoric feeling that can be amazing for your partner.

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