So You Want To Send Him A Sext—How Exactly Do You Start?

Whatever level you’re in with your relationship, it may be difficult to tell someone how you feel– especially if you’re feeling is hot. Even though technology has made communication easier between two people, sexting can be awkward if you aren’t familiar with it. Similar to having sex the first time, it requires some planning and communication. As we’re facing a sex-related epidemic, couples are finding themselves in and people who are have to deal with another challenge (like the question, do you actually meet up for physical dates?). If sexting is a thing you’re thinking about, how can you begin?

How can you begin Sexting?

The simple answer is Consent. Consent. Consent is crucial. Communication is essential. Society has programmed people to believe that when someone sends you a shocking naked photo of herself, their partners should be thankful (and that dick picks without a request are the only enemy), but consent is a two-way process.

A heads up would help both of you avoid the awkwardness of. What is the outcome if you send someone a rude text while they’re showing their LOLaa phone video ‘di ban? This would place the recipient in a difficult situation, and you should not allow them to know the message you sent. If you’ve never had any conversation about sexting then bring it up when you’re both enjoying the moment. Once you’ve reached an agreement on terms, give your partner a heads-up by using a semi-safe phrase, like “Bored , ako.” What would you do in the event that we had to be together?

Are you confused about how to proceed? These are some other options to sext.

  1. Think Physical. You can’t physically be together at the moment and you’re looking to recreate the experience. This could be something in the form of “I’m somewhat cold right now. I’d love to have you here to keep me warm,” or “Remember when we were having a blast nung the last movie date in? I’m excited to do the same thing again.”

  2. Let your fantasies flow. Ask them about their sexual desires. It’s also a method to inform your partner that they’re free to let their imaginations be free and that you’re open to exploring each other’s kinks.

  3. Rely upon pop-culture. If you are really mahiyain but you can’t resist the urge to say what you want then this is the right choice for you. You can refer back to a scene from a movie or a show. It’s likely that you have at least one scene in your head. Like, “Do you remember that episode you watched …?” or Do you wish to rewatch the same episode?” LOL I promise they’ll get it by this.

  4. or, you know that you can simply request a photo. “Send me a photo of yourself today.” It’s great to agree, but the urgency of needing to “see someone” right away can make things difficult. So now the question is: if you’ve never been in a position to send a sexy pic How do you get the perfect

How do you capture a thirst trap photo?

All it boils down to is the lighting and angle. I’m not sure if don’t mind me saying that I don’t like photos where the dick takes up three-quarters of the frame. call that a missed opportunity, lol. You probably already know your angles and according to how much you want to ~show~ in your pic it is possible to go with the ever-dependable natural light, or play with shadows to tease your partner.

An important reminder:

Technology isn’t perfect, but it’s not without its flaws. A lot of people lose their phones or have their accounts compromised. Many have experienced having their–and some of the perpetrators were trusted people. Think about these scenarios when you talk to your spouse about the sexting boundaries you’re looking to establish. These risks could even impact the kind of photos you feel comfortable sharing and sharing. The key is to make an educated decision together.

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