The Fact About Tauranga That No One Is Suggesting

The Bay of Plenty is home to some of the moststunningsea, sunandsandy beachesNew Zealand has to provide.Tauranga isnestledon the covetedcoastline.This is where you’llfindthe Mauao volcanoandMount Maunganui beach.The beach, which isaffectionately called”the Mount” by localsprovides water sportsto those brave enough,eventsfor those whoare free-spiritedand delicious foodforall foodies.

Here aresomeof thebestthingsto do inTauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui, an extinctvolcanic peak is visibleacross Tauranga harbour.Mauao is the Maori nameofMount Maunganui. Itcan be accessedat dawn to getthe best views.There areseveraltrailsthat can be takenthrough the forest of pohutukawa. Ittypically takes aboutan hour.It’ssteepbut once youreachthe top,you willbetreated to a 360-degree viewof Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty coastline.Mount Maunganui Beach (New Zealand’s mostfamousbeach) and Pilot Bay (New Zealand’s best-known beach)are located on the mountain’s crest, providingstunningviews from every angle.Bring a picnic lunch(coffeeis a must) andsee the dayin with a peacefulsunrise.

Adventure Water Parks-BeFabulous

{}McLaren FallsTauranga’s Waimarino Activity Parkoffers adrenaline-fueled thrills.A mere 10 minutesdrive from thecity centreof Tauranga, you’ll be able to gettoa host ofactivitiesspreadthroughoutthe Wairoa.There’s somethingforeveryoneincludingclimbing walls for rockand aclassicslip andslide.It’s impossible tomissthe Tarzanwater trampoline or swing as well as the hugeinflatable ‘blob’ thatwill take you to the water.Waimarino alsooffersthe evening glowworm Kayak tourinLake McLaren . It’s astranquilas itsounds .

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Every Kiwi summershouldinclude ahike to a waterfall.BeginbyvisitingMcLaren Falls Park.It’san easy 20 minutes hikethatwill takevisitors through glowworm caves as well as native forestsandmany othernaturalwonders.You’ll also find manytrails that traversethereserve’s 190-hectares.Be sure to takea few hoursexploring.Next stop is theKaiate Falls. They areabout a 30-minute drivefrom Tauranga.Follow the forest pathuntiltheKaiate Falls’ topandfollow the cascadesuntil youreachthis swimming hole.Enjoy a refreshing swimin thisbeautifullake.

Sailing a catamaranto thisuninhibited isle

Whakatane isa meredrivefrom the coast.It is thestarting point toan unforgettabledayaboardthecatamaran.Set sailtowardsMoutohora Island to explore the wildlifereserveoff ofthe Bay of Plenty.Ifyou are luckyyoumight spotrare native wildlifesuch asTuatara, Kakariki and fur seals.It is also possible togo snorkelingthroughoutthe island toseethestunningmarine life.Finish your daybyrelaxing ontheisland’s private hot waterbeach orlounging lazily offtheback of the boat. Thisisthe perfect day on the beach.

Participate inThe Dream Summer Festival

If youhaven’t hadat least one summerin the Bay Dreams festivalBay Dreams, are youreallyaKiwi?These guysknow how to puton ashow. TheJanuary 2019sold-out gigfeaturedthe headlinerCardi Bperformwithhits likeBodak Yellow, wowing anelectriccrowd.The New Year’sCelebrationin 2021featuredacts such asKatchafire, Peking Duk and LAB.Bay Dreams, Tauranga’s summer destination,is packed witheverything youneed: a stellar line-up withglitter anddenim as well ascamping andcamping.

These Stores Sell Local Products

Shopping in Tauranga  isall about uncoveringhidden treasuresinindependent stores.For those wholikethe Kiwi-made productsand havea design eye, paperplane concept stores isthe placetogo.You’ll find aselection of fashion, lifestyleproducts,andhomewares.If you’re looking for something a little more spontaneous, stop byOur Place fora selection of rotatinglocal pop-upsfromfashion to art and jewellery.TheOur Place centre is constructedout of shipping containers,in the hope of providinglow-cost retail spacesto local artisans and entrepreneurs, so you’re suretocollect one-of-a-kind gems here.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Are you lookingtoenjoyluxury?Themost effectivewaytoenjoythe ultimate luxury is to enjoya bohemian-style picnicoverlookingMauaomountainsas well asthe ocean.Bay Picnicsofferseverything you needto makean unforgettable birthday celebration, anniversarycelebration, orsimplya funnightout.They have teepees forbig fluffy pillows, alights,pillowsas well asBluetooth speakers.With awide selectionoflocal, veganand freshoptions for food, theyalso cater toyour everyneed.It is possible toadd flowers toyour picnic ifit’san occasion for romance, such asan engagement that you’ve always wanted to have.

Be a part ofthemarket

Taurangahas something specialto offerin the form ofmarket days on weekends.The Little Big Markets are openon Saturdays.There youwill find avarietyoffood and artisans.There’sall kinds of food itemsfrom French crepes to rainbow shaved iceandlocally crafted goodies.The Dinner at the Domain is aregulargatheringthat features the topfood trucks.We are talkingbig paellas and bubble wafflesandsweettreats.We’resalivating over the delicioussnacks on offerat Hello Rosie who is a snobof veganjunk food.Ifyou’re looking to snack ona piece of freshfruit thenthefarmers’ market on Saturdayshas some amazingfresh produce that can be a great addition toany cheeseplatter.

WalkToMoturiki Island

It is possible to walk aroundthisisland.Thesmall350-metreIslandislocated nextto Mount Maunganui and connected viaabridge that is a walkway.A blowhole islocatedon the islandandis able to pump water upwardsduringhigh tide.Take the path upwards and you’llenjoy the stunningviews of Mauaoas well asthecitycoastline.

Salt Water Hot Pools area great way to unwind

Ifrelaxation and unwindingareimportant to you, a visitMount Hot Poolswill be a greatchoice.These pools are knownfor theirtherapeuticproperties and willmake you feel rejuvenated.Book a private swimmingpool and the luxuriousmassageyou’d liketoindulge in.

Visitthis Quaint Historic Village

Explorethe cobbled streetsinThe Historic Village andstep back intotime.Packed with secretnooks, cutecafesand eclecticartists It’s easy to whirlin the sunhere.You will also findsmall studios for art enthusiastssuch asTurner Gallery or Imprint Gallery.

Enjoy the delicious local cuisine

Foodis ourpassion.We’re lucky thatTaurangaserves up some succulentfood and drinksthat willmake you droolthroughout the day.

Ground Zero Coffeeought tobea regular stop on thecoffee-aficionados’list.They’re the Bay OfPlenty’svery firstSpecialty Coffee Microroastery, servingup trustyflat whites, as well asicedcoffee.There’s something more sweetinYo and Co.This dessert bar specializesinwaffles and sweet crepes.The place isalsohome toone ofTauranga’s topicecream shops.

The Nourished Foodie is theperfect placeforsweet-toothed health nuts.Thecafe is a plant-based one thatis a firm believer infresh, localproducts.BreakfastcouldincludetheWellness Bowl that is filled withherby hashbrows and smokytomatoes, tufu as well as quinoa, quinoaas well ascoconut yogurt.There will besweet treatsfromThe Nourishing Bread,such asfresh custard and Nutella doughnutsorfudgy double choc brownies.

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