Top 5 Questions to Ask an Estate Planning Lawyer in Brenham, TX


If you’re planning to leave assets to loved ones after your death, it’s important that you have an estate plan in place. An estate planning lawyer Brenham TX can help you with this process by preparing documents such as Wills, Trusts, and other estate planning instruments. But before you hire an estate planning lawyer in Brenham, TX, make sure to ask the following five questions when meeting with each potential attorney so you know if he or she is right for your needs.

What experience do you have with estate planning?

A criminal lawyer Brenham TX will have years of experience with estate planning and has likely seen everything imaginable. This means they can help you with specific questions or issues you might be having.

What are your qualifications?

A criminal lawyer Brenham TX will be able to help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights as a criminal defendant. In most cases, this type of lawyer is a specialist who has been admitted to the bar for more than five years. They will often have specialized training or expertise in criminal law and may have spent time defending clients as a public defender or prosecutor before moving into private practice. If you’re facing serious criminal charges like drug possession, assault and battery, or robbery, it’s important that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Brenham Texas right away so they can help you understand your options.

How much will your services cost?

The cost of estate planning services varies depending on a variety of factors. In general, you can expect the following costs: • General estate planning with a will: $1,000-$2,500 • General estate planning with a will and power of attorney for health care: $3,000-$4,500 • General estate planning with a will and power of attorney for financial decisions: $5,000-$7,500

  • Establishing an Irrevocable Trust (for business succession or family company): $5-10K+ This is only an estimate so it’s best to speak directly with your lawyer about the potential costs associated with their specific services.
What is your process for creating an estate plan?

The first step of the process is determining what type of will you would like. This can be a testamentary trust or a last will and testament. If you are creating a last will and testament, you should determine if you want it to be probated or non-probated. Non-probated wills do not need to go through court. When deciding which type of estate plan you want, it is essential that you speak with your family members about what they would like done with their assets and property when they die. It is also important that you consult with your attorney about any other specific requirements for your will depending on the state where you live in.

The second step in the process is outlining how much money and property each person has at their death.

What are the different types of estate plans?

Different types of estate plans include wills and trusts. Wills provide a clear understanding of who inherits your assets and property. Trusts are often used for children or young adults with disabilities, who cannot legally hold property. Trusts also help you keep your wishes secret while still benefiting your beneficiaries. You can also talk to a criminal lawyer Brenham TX about how certain trusts may be able to help you avoid legal issues like estate taxes or gift taxes.

  • What is the difference between a will and a trust?
  • Why do I need both a will and trust?
  • How does the type of estate plan I choose affect other aspects of my life?
  • Who do I name as my executor?

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