Top what kind of man does a woman want Secrets

Some women are very selectiveandwill choosecertain types ofmen based on appearance,weight, financial status,and race. what kind of man does a woman want ?

But, the majority ofwomenin this worldhave what I callan Open Type, which means thatthey arewilling to bewithmen of various kindsas long as he canattract herto him forany reason(e.g.they are confident, charming, charismatic, makes her laugh,and so on.).

That’s why you’llfind guys withaverage or below average lookingwithbeautifulladies, or guyswho do not even have ajobthat includes a hotgirlfriend.In addition, you’llwitness women having relationshipsorbeing married to menfromall kinds ofraces.

The Ultimate Kind of Man

A gentleman who is a good one is theideal typeof man, whichwomenlove.

  • Is confident around her andother people.
  • He is masculinein howhe thinks, feelsandreacts to the event of a challenge,the man finds a solution,andthen keeps movingahead, instead of wastingenergy getting emotional,as a woman).
  • Shewill be loved and respectedbecause of who she isnotwhat he is tryingtoalter her appearanceormake her look.
  • is able to leadher and him into deeperfeelings oflove, attraction and respect withtime.Rather thanbelieving that she will bewith her for the restof her life, simply becauseit was goodatthe beginning.
  • Has purpose in direction in life (i.e.He is driven and hasa clear vision of hisfuture.
  • Fearless in love andnot aclosed-minded or insecureperson.

All Men Can Actively AttractWomen

Some men are born withgreater looks than othersbut that doesn’t meaneveryone else can’tattracted women in differentways (e.g.In a confident manner, exudingmasculine vibes that makewomen feelmore feminine, which makesthembe charming, cheerful and funny etc.

Thetruthabout attraction is thata majority ofwomen (not all) are moreattractedandattracted by howan individual’s personality, manner of conductandcharacter make herfeel rather than howthey look.

Yes, there arewomen whojust wantto be a beautiful man however, the majority ofwomen aremore what kind of man does a woman looking for  of manthey’ll take.

Watch this video to discoverhow women’s attraction toa man really worksandhow you canleverageit tobe the kindof man that women want…

The video belowwillshowyou how the typesof men women feel attractedtocan come in manyshapes, sizesand races.

Each of these men are able todraw women, even ifthey’re not male models orare wealthy or aren’ttall.

  • An alpha male.
  • Aman who is a mystery.
  • Charming man.
  • An overweight man.
  • Ashort man.
  • Abald man.
  • Asexy man.

Truth is,there are many different men who are notalike.

The men in question don’t havethe sameclothes and listen to theidentical music, or followthesame life style.

So, when it comesto thequestion ,“Whatkindsofmen are women attracted to?” what youreally shouldbethinking about is“Howdo I convincewomen tolikeme?”

Why?Itisn’t important if women likeyou for who you are orbelieve that you are a good person.

It’simportantto be niceto women,butit’s not all that importanttothem unless you are able to make herfeel attracted.

Beingfriendly to her isn’t the onlyaspect that makes her feelattracted to you.It’simportant to showthe traits and behaviorthatattract women naturallyin order to make themfeel attracted.

For example: Ifyou have a conversationwith a woman, and youareconfident, you makeher laugh,you arecharming and you radiatea masculine vibethat makes her feel girlyandfeminine around you,she’ll naturallyfeel a great attractiontowardsyou.

Ifyou are nervous whenspeaking to womenandyou remain quietbecause you are afraid ofmakingmistakes She will be offendedandmay notbe able to laugh at you.

AttractionFirst, and Everythingis Flows Naturally After That

Ifyou wish to bethetype of manwomenlike, you have tostart offby making womenfeel attractedto you whenyoutalk toher.

If youare able to make a womanfeel attracted,she willbe moreopen to havingan affair with your partner,or even becomingyourpartner.

Example: A guy couldbepassionate about football butwomen he meets don’treally care.It is possible that she would still liketobehisgirlfriend, orevenget married tohim.

Minor orsuperficialdifferences, such as differingstyles of music orpursuits, don’t really matterto women in the majority of cases aslong asthey possessthemain ingredientof sexual attraction.

Infact it is the case that a woman fallsinvolved in a relationshipwith aman who likesfootball,she’ll most likelybekeen to attendgames with him or to watchcertain games on television, just so she canhavetime with him.

She doesn’t need to bean avid fan or beobsessed with football the wayhe is however, she shouldat the very least acknowledge his passioninfootball and admire itbecause it’s something thatbrings him joy.

Whatkind of men doThe Women Most Not Want?

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Thekind of menwomen dislikeare those who:

  • Too nice.
  • Too nervous or shy.
  • Lacking purpose and directioninlife.
  • Lacking personality and charisma.
  • Too proud ortooselfish
  • There is no alpha male quality.

In essence, the bestmethod to succeed withwomen is toact likethenice guyyou are. However, you musthave some balls.

Being confident means that you’re able tostand up for yourself in the event of needandhave the mental strengthtoface any challengelife throws at your way.

Do not forget, however,to be thegood person youalready are.

A lot of men are confused as towhat womenreally wantfromtheir male counterparts. If theymeet a woman who hasa bad relationship they thinkthat women all want to be like that.

There are womenwhoprefera bad boyfriend or lover but the majority of guysdo not have that. Theystill get laid or have girlfriends andeventually, they getmarried.

Why?The majority ofwomenneed a manwho is abletofacetheproblemsof life.

Women will be attractedto youwhen she feelsthe same feelings about you.

It’sreally as easyasthat.

If you are able to attractwomenin that way, you will realizethatyou’re in factthekind of man thatwomenwould like to have.

However, the reasonthat you were not getting resultspreviously was thatyoudidn’t have the capacitytotruly attract womenandmake them feel comfortablewhen youspoketothem.

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