Transplantation of beard hair in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

By using a method called beard hair transplant, we can grow new beards or improve existing ones. The hairs on your beard are the thickest on your body. Only scalp hair can match them, though not always.

We at Kalocsa, the best beard hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon, repair your beard using only single hair units. By doing this, we can achieve natural results. To give you a beard without scars, we only use 21 G or smaller needles.

Hair loss treatment for men in Gurgaon is carried out using an oral sedative and local anesthetic. The process length varies from 5 to 7 hours, depending on how many grafts are harvested.

Tiny crusts start to form around each transplanted hair in the first few days following the treatment. Patients can frequently return home and begin light activities on the second day. At roughly four weeks, the transplanted hairs will start to fall out, and at 3–4 months, they will begin to grow back.

 Hair loss treatment for men in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, we have the best beard hair transplant surgeons. Visit Kalosa Clinic if you have any inquiries or questions.

Breast reduction surgery: what is it?

Without losing or even boosting sensuality, sexuality, or function, reducing mammaplasty is the best procedure to change a huge, unsightly, uncomfortable breast to a smaller, attractive, comfortable breast.

reduction operation

  1. Women who suffer from or carry the weight of their breasts frequently develop cervical spine diseases, inframammary fold eczema, abstain from physical activity, avoid social interactions, and often struggle to find appropriate clothing. A patient’s self-esteem can be significantly improved by having attractive breasts.
  2. Mastopexy ought to be restricted to breasts of average size. Most of the time, mastopexy patients with huge ptotic breasts are not a good indication. Because their fragile tissue is very prone to allow the ptosis to return because too much weight drags it down, I advise patients to get some breast reductions.

3- Breast asymmetries can develop from birth or as a result of breast cancer treatment. Breast reduction or mastopexy are two procedures that can treat them.

4- For the affected patients, juvenile breast hypertrophy frequently causes significant physical and psychological issues. My approach will likely sustain viability, sensitivity, and breastfeeding ability since it respects the anatomical structures. It is also advised for younger patients. Following a breast reduction procedure, the breast may continue to expand.

An overview of the Supermedial Breast Reduction surgical procedure

identifying the new nipple location.

  • Use a dermal base to mark the small medial pedicle to allow entire movement.
  • Mark the medial and lateral pillars, the superomedially based pedicle, and continue until the IMF.
  • Infiltrate the superomedial pedicle, deepen the epithelium, and remove any remaining periareolar skin excess.
  • Cut perpendicularly through the superomedial pedicle, the nipple-areolar complex, and the pectoral fascia.
  • Separate the pedicle and trim the extra skin and breast tissue.

Align the medial and lateral pillars after rotating the pedicle and NAC into the new position.

  • Extend the skin excision laterally rather than continuing it to the inframammary fold.
  • Add suction drains.
  • Secure the vertical and periareolar wound edges in two layers.

Care Following Surgery:

  • The sufferer spends the night in the hospital.
  • The next day, the bandages and drains are taken off.
  • Sports bras are advised to be worn initially day and night, but after two weeks, only during the day.
  • After two weeks, non-resorbable stitches are removed.

After two weeks, ointment is used to heal scars.

Conclusion :

One of the top Beard transplants in Gurgaon has provided services to hundreds of grateful clients. The clinic employs a group of skilled and highly effective hair transplant surgeons who use the most up-to-date methods and technologies, including FUT, FUE, and direct hair transplantation, depending on the degree of baldness.

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